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20 Oct 2021 - 21 Oct 2021
SEEmeet 2021

SEEMEET LECTURES 2020 - News and Information’s

This year's special emphasis will be thematic lectures on digitalization and e-commerce with insight into current business trends, enriched by selected keynote speaker. The SEEMEET LECTURES 2020 event will start on Wednesday, 21st October 2020 at 9.00 am and will take place via the ZOOM platform.

Please connect to the SEEMEET LECTURES 2020 via this link: https://zoom.us/j/95356046215 (connect at least 5-10 minutes before 9.00 am). You will only need to enter your e-mail address, first and last name. The system will link you directly to the event.

During the lectures you will have the opportunity to write your questions (Q&A icon).

If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Vesna Maksimovic (e-mail: vesna.maksimovic@rc-nm.si, phone: 00386 40 507 079).

Thanks, and see you on-line,
SEEMEET Organizers


The whole idea of SEEMEET is to provide best possible environment for formal and non-formal business networking resulted in new opportunities for making a new business deals.

Due to Covid-19 situation we decided to take part of SEEMEET 2020 online. The key feature of our SEEMEET event is social contact and socializing. You, dear participants, deserve only the best and due to various known circumstances, we unfortunately cannot offer you this year. We are moving SEEMEET event to autumn 2021, when it will be »LIVE« again.

However, the event has not been postponed completely, as the lectures will still be held as planned (with changed agenda). You are kindly invited to attend this year`s FREE SEEMEET LECTURES (21st October 2020) starting at 9:00. Link to new agenda and FREE LECTURES will be sent to you later.

All registered participants who have already paid the registration fee will be refunded in the total amount and will receive special benefits as part of the SEEMEET 2021 event next year. You will also receive an e-catalog with the contact details of this year's participants. Therefore, please fill in your profile in full so that all your key information is included in the e-catalog.

Thank you for your understanding and see you at the SEEMEET LECTURES.


Tanja Skaza, director of the Skaza Institute and co-owner of the company Plastika Skaza is a successful manager, an excellent entrepreneur, widely involved in the Slovenian economic environment.

She is an entrepreneur of a new generation of economists, which forms Skaza into one of the first modern companies in Slovenia and the region. A company with more than 40 years of tradition and more than 300 employees, one of the 1000 most inspiring companies in
Europe. With almost 20 years of leadership experience, feminine energy, ambitious goals, respect for people, and interpersonal relationships, she leads her team by example and inspiration.
This year, she and her husband founded the Skaza Institute because it follows its mission and wants to pass on its knowledge and experience to people and organizations to achieve their goals and realize their potential through personal and business growth.


Opens on 1 January 2021



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